11/1, Street No 1, Shastri Nagar, Haridwar Road, Dehradun

Residential rehabilitation

For the patients, who require daily input from specialists of our team, depending on their physical and psychological needs, we can offer accommodation available on site. We only have limited number of rooms available for this. Rehabilitation team of ANRC will decide and accommodate only suitable patients to this facility. Our aim for such patients will be to optimize their recovery, to educate them and carer and to prepare them to return and manage at their home. We will offer a timebound, structured residential rehabilitation programme and will expect carer to stay with patient and participate fully in their day to day care. This will give them an opportunity to understand patient’s needs and also disseminate confidence to patients and their carer giverin managing most eventualities at home.

Since we provide only a rehabilitation service, there will be no provision of medical facilities provided by ANRC. We would expect you to liaise with your own regular treating doctor for medical needs. In such an event, at you own expenses, you may wish to use the services of a physician, neuro-surgeon or a surgeon, working from same premises as ANRC. These doctors are not part of ANRC team. For acute emergencies, either you may wish to contact any of the doctors working on site and transfer patients under their care or you may take your patient to any medical center of your choice. There is also a multi-specialty hospital nearby. Once a patient is transferred out of our facilities, a new assessment by our team will be required. This is because with change in medical status,it may not be possible for us to meet the requirement of the patient anymore.

Once patient is discharged from residential facility, further rehabilitation can be arranged as a day patient at our rehabilitation centeror at patient’s home, by our “Out Reach Team”.