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Screening for Prevention of Stroke

World-wide, stroke is a major cause of mortality and morbidity.Amongst the neurological disorders, this is largest cause of disability due to non- accidental illnesses.Stroke is largely preventable. The risk factors for stroke are more or less same as for heart diseases(Ischemic Heart Disease). These risk factors are on rise and affect Indians at younger age than westerners.Hence, recognizing these risk factors and addressing them is important for prevention of stroke amongst relatively healthy persons. This also helps in preventing recurrence of vascular events ina person who already had a stroke. Sadly, these risk factors are silent and are generally detected by chance. In most cases these risk factors are found only once stroke has happened – when it is too late.

For these reasons, ANRC is happy to screen, educate and help individualsin managing these risk factors. This service is available to anybody, who wishes to have this facility. Our aim is to help people staying healthy, because as far as vascular events are concerned “Prevention is better than cure”.

Thus, we provide range of services for patients with neurological disorders. If you need help, contact us. We are happy to assess you and advise whether we can help or not. If we are able to, after assessment we will recommend the best suited service for you/ your patient. You may also like to visit our website.

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